Workplace Investigations

Full scale investigations

Colorism Training

According to EEOC data, Colorism claims have increased significantly. We provide interactive workplace training on colorism in the workplace in partnership with theIntraracial Colorism Project, Inc. 

Company Policies and Employee Handbooks
We develop, interpret, review, and revise company policies, processes and procedures. Our experts also review and revise employee handbooks in order to ensure your that your content is current, compliant, reviewed by experts, and acknowledged by employees.

HR Management Division 

       Services include:

  • ​Hearing representation at arbitration, grievance, mediation, EEO, in house management review, and unemployment hearings (including investigation and preparation for hearings)
  • Employee misconduct and progressive discipline counseling
  • Performance evaluations 
  • ​Assessments
  • EEO and general investigations 
  • ​Management counseling on employee relations issues
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Employment discrimination (specializing in Title VII protections)

The Human Resource Management division specializes in human resource management, compliance audits, hearing representation, human resource outsourcing services, unemployment claim management, employee relations, workplace investigations, company policies, employee handbooks, diversity and workplace equity, training and development, and services that are tailored to your business, your challenges, and your employees. Our goal is to get you implementing not just planning. Our work is grounded in real business issues to produce tangible, bottom line outcomes. We use the context of your business to develop the strategies necessary for your organization's success in the current market driven climate.

Culbreth, Jung  & Severino

Job Descriptions

We revise and write job descriptions and include KSA criteria to meet your business needs.
Employee Relations
We provide advice and recommendations regarding routine, controversial and complex employee relations issues as appropriate to resolve individual and systemic workplace issues.

​       We will:

  • ​Educate your management team on employee relations issues and employment law.
  • Reduce your exposure to costly liability claims
  • Solve your employee relations problems
  • ​Reduce your paperwork to a minimum allowing you to  concentrate more on your business.
  • Develop interactive training sessions customized to meet your needs.
Human Resource Audits and Compliance Reviews
We review policies, processes, and procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state employment laws. Audits and compliance reviews also include personnel file management, organization, and confidentiality measures.

Unemployment Claim Management
Our experienced consultants provide unemployment claim processing services including providing documentation and communicating with the Department of Labor. We prepare your staff to provide testimony at unemployment hearings and provide representation at hearings in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia.

Services include: Claim processing, representation at Unemployment Hearings and Appeals.

Legal Research

Diversity in the Workplace
Our consultants provide diversity training, audits, program and workshop development.


  • Systemic employment discrimination cases: collecting data, conducting statistical analysis and drafting reports of findings

  • Determining research problems and developing research plans

  • ​Determining research methodologies, drafting surveys, administering surveys, collecting and analyzing data, reporting findings, and
    drawing conclusions

  • ​Drafting legal memorandums of law relative to changes in federal and state employment laws and employer-employee related matters

  • ​Legal briefs, case recommendations and summaries.