Colorism and Diversity in Education 

  • Equality in Education 
  • Colorism in the Classroom
  • Teaching Diversity
  • Understanding Your Biasness
  • Colorism, Faculty and Administration
  • Diversity across Disciplines 
  • Professional Development and Diversity
  • Reviving the Purpose of Education 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Culbreth, Jung  & Severino

New training manuals for employers:

  • The Complexity of Colorism Training Manual   

  • Embracing Diversity  
  • Workplace Investigations (training manual)
  • Legal Hearing Representative's Manual 

​​We provide training, develop curriculum, training manuals, programs and professional development workshops focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion,  racism,  and colorism,. The following workshops and training sessions are provided as in person training sessions, webinars, and extended professional development workshops.​ 


Colorism and ​Social Diversity

  • Skin Color Complexes
  • Standards of Beauty and Skin Color
  • ​Embracing Diversity 
  • Validating Yourself
  • Understanding Identity
  • Diversity Matters
  • Multiculturalism in the Millennium 
  • Colorism and Children
  • Colorism and Girls of Color
  • Women of Color and Colorism
  • Men of Color and Colorism
  • The Media and Marketing 
  • Interracial  and Intraracial Diversity
  • Colorism and PEPS Syndrome  

​​Colorism and Workplace Diversity

  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Inclusion Invigorates the Workplace
  • Reviving the Workforce
  • Creating Cultures of Inclusion
  • Understanding Multiculturalism 
  • ​Tolerance?
  • Prejudice, Stereotypes and Groupthink
  • Social Identity in a Multicultural World
  • Colorism in the Workplace
  • Understanding Privilege
  • The Fair, Just and Equal Workforce
  • Psychic Prisons and Colorism
  • ​Title VII, Race and Color Claims

Racial Equity

  • Assessments
  • Anti-racist Initiatives/Programs
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • The PEPS Traumas of Racism
  • Dialogues about Race
  • ​Organizational Culture and Change